Does your school build resilience?

Schools are in the midst of BIG questions and preparations for fall opening — 

  1. Face-to-face or online?
  2. How do we keep everybody safe?
  3. What will instruction look like?
  4. What do families want?
  5. How do we assess learning?
  6. How can we build a resilient school community?

Has your school talked about question 6?

Would you be interested in a NO-COST online Resilience Mini-course that you could lead in your school?

One school asked me to create a workshop on building resilience. As I was combining the research and best practices into professional learning opportunities, I realized that every school needs something quick that they can put into place right away. 

I decided to turn my workshop into a 3 part mini-course and I’m GIVING IT AWAY. There is no cost to access and implement this course. Go ahead! Adjust it to fit your local situation. I just want your feedback about how you used it and what new practices your school established. 

Watch this 30 minute orientation to learn more! 

By the way, I’ve spent my summer supplementing my professional development packages for teachers and Inclusion Coaches with materials on remote learning, equitable practices, and building resilience. Let me know if I can support YOU. 

Pass it along!

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