Teachers: need to log your interactions?

How about a Google form???

Have you been told that you have to track your interactions with colleagues, students, and families? This is something that teachers have not been expected to do in the past. When you showed up at school, there was an assumption that you were engaged in professional activities – teaching students, planning lessons, grading, collaborating with colleagues, interacting with families.

But now, with everyone sheltered at home, what are teachers doing with their time? I guess it’s not surprising that someone might wonder what you’re doing. I guess it’s not surprising that the public might wonder why teachers continue to get a paycheck.

All right then. We’ve known for a long time that teachers do so much more than their job description – they work into the night and on weekends. If we’re being asked to document what we do, let’s give it to them – all of it!  Let’s provide documentation of the heart-felt commitment of teachers. But let’s keep it simple so we don’t add to our load.

Do you already have a method that’s working for you? If not, I created a sample Google form for that purpose and a quick tutorial so you could learn how to make your own.  Check it out.

Let me know what you think!

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