Is it Time to Re-set Inclusion?

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Therefore, I think it’s safe to say you know something about me. 

So you won’t be surprised to know that I’ve been thinking and brainstorming with a lot of folks lately. My heart goes out to courageous teachers, school leaders, students, and families who are struggling since schools shut-down in March. It hasn’t been easy, to say the least.

I’ve asked “What is it like to be YOU right now?” So many people have opened up and given me snapshot glimpses into what they are dealing with. I talk to them and then go out to work in my garden, but I can’t help it. I just have to do something! Are you surprised? 

  • 4 Questions: I’ve identified 4 questions that teachers and schools have to answer right now, especially about students with special needs, as they prepare to re-open in the fall – whatever that will look like. 
  • 4 Systemic Issues: But I think there are 4 systemic issues underneath, which are being revealed by the pandemic shut-down. These are issues that we’ve been talking about for a long time. Maybe now, when schools are preparing to re-set for fall, we should plan more broadly. Maybe we should think about re-setting our inclusive practices, too.
  • 5 Themes: Over the last few months, I’ve enrolled in countless webinars and virtual conferences. I reached out to respected leaders and long time colleagues. We’ve engaged in deep conversations about possibilities. I think there are 5 themes we need to address to transform inclusive practices. 
  • Webinar: Then I created a free 25 minute on-demand webinar to share my thinking about those 4 questions, 4 systemic issues, and 5 themes. You’ll find a link below if you are curious. I hope you will watch and take at least one action towards transforming inclusion in your school.
  • Mastermind Community: After you watch my webinar, if you feel as I do – that we have to do something and NOW is the time to act, you’re invited to join my Included by Design Mastermind Community. We’re going to co-create a possibility for inclusion that doesn’t exist yet. This community will provide mutual empowerment, support, and brainstorming with national guest experts from diverse backgrounds. We’ll generate ideas that members can put into action this summer and fall. You can learn more from the Webinar. 

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