Flowers or Thorns?

Which do you see?

I discovered this drawing on social media and stopped to reflect. Pause a moment to notice what each sees in the other. 

My first reaction was to smile that some people look for flowers  (the good) in people they meet; others notice thorns (the flaws). This is like the cup half full vs half empty view of life. New drawing – old idea.

Then I looked again. This drawing has another layer. Do you notice that each person sees the quality that they value most in themselves?

I started pondering interpersonal relationships between co-teachers, between teachers and students, between administrators and staff, between teachers and families.

First, do we always look for the best in each other? As a coach, my role is to find the best assets that person brings to the scene. It’s not always easy to do.

But then, is it true? Are we really more likely to appreciate only the qualities we value in ourselves?

Do you admire your co-teacher because she has the same classroom management approach? What if her approach conflicts with yours, but she has heartfelt bonds with students?

Do we look for the best in others even when their style is radically different from ours? I want to get better at this! How about you?



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